8 ene 2008

Didn't make it to The Beat, regrettably, especially after having told a few very good dancers we would meet there. One of whom I have never had the opportunity to dance with but whose style and poise I have long admired. But this is how it is with me. I have literally gone years with the intention of dancing with someone without ever having the right opportunity. Even now, there are several very prominent followers with whom I haven't had the pleasure of sharing a tanda. I don't think this is particularly the best way to go about it, it just builds the anticipation to a point where it would be difficult to live up to. Even so, I am rarely disappointed when we finally get together on the floor. Hopefully, it's the same on her end.

Had difficulty sleeping the night before, still had some residual pain in my back and had some odd rumblings in my belly. Woke up feeling like my guts were doing la ronda. Not severe, like a Troilo milonga tanda. Pretty mellow, say, a Canaro set. Good enough to go to work, but not good enough to plaster on a cheerful demeanor for my coworkers. Stomach slowly settled as the day wore on. Post work, had the intention of making it to the práctica--after a nap. We all know what a bad idea that is. Of course, I didn't get up in time. Ah well, the body needs what it needs and I've learned it's always best to listen because it will let you know.

Feeling better today but uncertain. It seems the m.o. for the currently circulating pathogen is to attack in waves. It's almost as if a bunch of different ones made a pact and have decided to back each other up. As such I'm not letting my guard down.

In the meantime, here is a link for a clip I've been much admiring lately. It's of a couple named Roxana Suarez and Sebastián Achaval doing a demo in Seoul. Disfruta!

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