7 ene 2008

My weekend:

Many hours in front of the tv under the covers in my sweats.

-Man, The Last Samurai is actually pretty bad, huh?

-So I guess triple axels are getting pretty routine in women's figure skating.

-I can't believe Jurassic Park is 15 years old. I remember the first time I saw The Graduate it was about 25 and that seemed ancient to me for some reason. Come to think of it, that was probably around the time that Jurassic Park was released. I am so old.

-Futurama rules.

Nighttimes I managed to tumble out of bed, hop in the shower and head to the call of the bandoneon. Saturday night was the inaugural Late Shift milonga at the Metronome, hosted by David and Mariana. I got there around 1, there was a good crowd circulating. D & M cozied up the place a bit by dragging a couple of couches to the sidelines and were serving hot pot stickers when I arrived. Everybody thought I had come from aMuse but no, I was just being cheap by waiting for the after 12:30 discount ($7, opposed to $10). Stayed until about a quarter past 3, later I would hear they ran about half an hour longer. Good music, good vibes. Plenty of space on the floor which assisted in a good flow.

Sunday to La Taza in Oakland, again a gathering I would describe as "intimate." Spent most of the time chatting with Mariana and got some insights into follower perspective, which always intrigues me. Danced my only dance of the weekend, one and a half milongas (D'Arienzo) with Elaine. Both of us were recuperating from something and taking it easy. Had a decaf and chocolate mousse which was decadent but perhaps a bit too rich and sweet for me, should have cut it with water or milk or something along those lines.

Tonight, will attempt The Beat, but will see how I feel...

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