10 ene 2007

Recurrent maladies: this cold is like a loser trying to impress a date by attempting to scam his way into The French Laundry without a reservation.

"I made my reservation nine months ago, you must have lost it! No? Oh wait, that guy on the list, that's me, that's my code name. No? Come on, man, I'm really trying to impress this girl, I know she's the one, don't you believe in romance? No? Truth is, I'm dying, and before I go I want to experience the finest meal to be had on this cruel world..."

Also, I re-injured my back lifting a box yesterday, and now I teeter from an amorphous stiffness to sudden shooting bolts of electricity that make my knees buckle and my vision go white.

These are not ideal conditions for dancing :(

Ah well, they say you can practice by visualization. Here's something to visualize and aspire to. Perhaps the dancer who closest embodies the way I (try to) conceptualize my approach to the music. Gracias, maestro...


tangobaby said...

Hi Malevito,

I'm so sorry you're not feeling better yet. I wish I could tell you what the magic cure is.(Tomorrow will make 2 weeks since I've had this cold, so I feel your pain.) But be careful with your back...the cold will go away--hopefully sooner than later.

I enjoyed your video very much--there are so many dancers I am not familiar with--but now I am going to re-visualize the droolworthy lunch I had at the French Laundry two years ago. I can't aspire to be Thomas Keller but I have fun dreaming about his food!

Get well soon!

Malevito said...

Hey TB,

Yeah, it's a bummer but honestly it's not so bad. I have a new theory that maybe it's actually a friendly virus that really needs a place to stay and is trying not to impose, but it can't help it because, you know, it's a virus. So it's like, "I'll just crash in your sinuses... oh, that's not working. Okay, how about your esophagus. Whoops, that doesn't work either. Hm, how about..."

The back thing is more of a problem, and the two in tandem is just like the opposite of Reese's peanut butter cups. Two bad tastes that taste worse together. When I cough it's like flipping a switch in my tailbone. But I do think it's getting better and hope to be able to workshop this weekend.

Ah, yes, the wonderful Pepito Avellaneda and Suzuki. Sadly, he's no longer with us, but if you wanted to study with her she still gives lessons in BsAs.

So you actually dined at FL? I confess, I'm not much of a foodie, but even I have heard of that place. An acquaintance told me that Anthony Bourdain considered it the top place to eat. Don't know if that's still true, though.

Take care, see you on the dance floor :)

tangobaby said...

Hey Malevito,

I don't think anything that keeps you from dancing could be friendly. Viruses included on that list.


But don't push yourself. What I'm trying to remember is that tango will always be there when you get back.

My lunch at the French Laundry (a treat from a former employer) was one of those dining events I'll remember forever. And I sure hope to go back there someday. I took the menu with me so I could reminisce effectively.

Being a foodie, Anthony Bourdain is one of my not-so-secret crushes, and I saw his tv show where he went to the FL and Keller made him a special 21-course menu, complete with a Marlboro-tobacco infused mousse for dessert. I don't smoke, but I can tell you Bourdain was touched, and hella impressed.

I *guess* I'll see you on the dance floor, but I'm not sure who you are so that does make it more difficult.

Get well soon.