13 enero 2008

Another weekend devoid of tango. The weather is gorgeous here in the Bay Area, unseasonably mild as the meteorologists describe it. Gives me a chance to recuperate. Right now I'm sitting in the Village Grounds café in Berkeley, one of my favorite wifi/java hotspots. Really wanted to go to the Turns/Lapiz workshops at La Pista with Marika & Avik, and to Roberto Riobo's workshops on Saturday but decided to pass to let my back heal. The cold is, fingers crossed, pretty much gone now. The back is better but still tender, especially when I sit for a while. When I get up I have to walk at a forward angle. Maybe I should consider this good exercise for apilado posture.

I did manage to get a few (very gentle) dances on Friday, when I visited Marcelo & Romina's milonga in Lafayette. They are good friends and mentors to me, and I credit Marcelo in particular as being the one who has most shaped my foundation and general philosophy of tango. They are freshly returned from BsAs, where they spent the holiday with family. In the meantime they squeezed in some performances at Salon Canning and La Ideal which I think showcase their current emphasis on elegance over flashiness (which they are also capable of).

Tomorrow (Monday the 14th) will be the Farewell Milonga for Roberto at the Slovenian Hall. Barring anything drastic I plan to be there. Whether or not I dance remains to be seen.

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