5 ene 2008

Yesterday morning, the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge was dancing. Not so much a tango, though. More like a rumba, or maybe salsa. Lots of hip movement. Sitting at a standstill I watched the gray waves churning below, the waters of the bay leaping up towards the span like suicides in reverse. My head and stomach spun as the road shuddered and twisted beneath my car. Was late to work, sick from the motion as well as an impending cold which made my throat and sinuses feel like they had been dragged along asphalt, and also aggravated the tenacious back pain I've been nursing for a week. Much to my dismay, I found that even if I wanted to go home and recuperate I was stuck, as the bridge shut down in both directions shortly after I had disembarked. Not surprising, as I drove past an overturned big rig near the end of the westbound side--heard there were two in the other direction. Also, flooding all around me, in particular to the north which closed those roads. Got through the day with Airborne and Advil, then after clocking out I wend my way towards the East Bay by heading south, GGB to SF and then Bay Bridge east. Along the way, since it was convenient, stopped by Val 16 to pick up some dulce de leche and some alfajores. Later, would enjoy same with some nice hot maté (Taragüi, Sin Palos, which I feel is smoother than the regular kind and has much less powder). Today, feel significantly better, hopefully enough to attend the inaugural Late Shift milonga at the Metronome.


tangobaby said...

Wasn't that storm the craziest thing? I don't blame you...that must have been very scary out in the elements on the bridge.

I hope you don't catch this cold. Take it easy and don't overexert yourself. This bug is really hard to kick once you've got it.

BTW, I like these new colors on your blog. I keep forgetting to tell you. ;-)

Malevito said...

Hey TB, how ya feelin'? Yeah, that was a nutty day. I think it must have been worse up in the high rises in SF. My friend told me of a coworker who was stuck in the elevator for two hours because of some storm related glitch, and consequently wasn't sure if she was supposed to take the stairs down from 40 floors up.

I think I'm on the tail end of this cold, it didn't really get to latch on to me because I started dealing with it really early. It's been pretty much just tv under the blankets this weekend, I'm going a little stir crazy but I suppose it takes a bit of discipline to recuperate asap. Although last night I did go out to The Late Shift. No dancing, though, just chilled and enjoyed the music and watching people.

Thanks for the comments, and be well :)

tangobaby said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and taking it easy. I am too, and day by day I feel better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow I can go to Ney's class and leave it at that. I'm not ready for El V yet, I don't think.

Take care and see you on the dance floor soon.