26 nov 2007

Orange práctica at The Beat. Got there at my usual time, around 10:30. The place was already pretty empty by then, and folks were packing up as I arrived. Seems to be an affliction of fatigue going around in the tango community lately, everybody I talk to mentions how tired they've been. Even though I took a nap right before I came I still could only dance a few tandas before I had to sit. As such I didn't get much accomplished, though the dances I did manage were enjoyable.

With a clear floor for some of the advanced dancers there was some fancy steppin' going on so it was fun to just watch. Feeling a little burnt right now, although simultaneously eager to work on some of the ideas that Homer and I were working on last week. Plan to take Tuesday and Wednesday off from tango and hopefully get some gym time in, then come in fresh for Thursday practice with A.

Viva la down time...

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