21 nov 2007

Last night was Ney's group lesson at La Pista. Wasn't planning to go but got a note that it was to be his last class of the year in SF. Had to rush home after work to pick up my shoes.

Whenever I go to anybody's group class it's always amazing to me how it seems to reset me to beginner mode. I think it has something to do with the class atmosphere that makes me unable to relax. Everything becomes noticeably stiff, especially my legs, which I tend to lock out. The lesson itself covered some relatively simple subject matter but it's the nuances that I find tricky. Ney has a style which is fairly sensuous, with the upper body in particular creating a kind of cradle effect. It's very nice to watch and I think would be a sweet way to accompany your partner, but as of yet I can't do it in a manner that feels natural and unaffected to me. Afterwards went straight home, opting not to go to El V since I had stuff to attend to, and also wanted to head to the gym which is something that has been sorely neglected as of late.

Tonight, will head to Cellspace for a spell. Probably will come home a little early, though.


tangobaby said...

So we were in the same class and I didn't know you. Did I get to dance with you? I hope so! I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.


Malevito said...

Hi tangobaby -

Hm, I didn't really get to dance with much of anybody, really. Since it was an oddly leader-heavy class I often opted out to let others practice. Anyway, class environments are probably the worst places for me to dance because of what I mentioned in the post, I just can't relax and also am trying to put my own style aside to be true to what is being taught. Anyway, hopefully we'll meet in a less academic setting sometime, hm? Besos!

tangobaby said...

Hmmm, the plot thickens. I love a good mystery. (I just watched Foreign Correspondent again yesterday so my inner Hitchcock is very active.)

There are one of two possibilities to your secret identity. I have a 50/50 change of getting it right.

Perhaps you will give me another clue to the Mystery Man Malevito!

Or, we can just dance together...