11 nov. 2007

Another night off. Took advantage of it to finally get back in the gym for some leg exercises. Since I've gotten more serious about my dance my workout has changed to try and accommodate it. Here is what I do:

-Dumbbell lunges (up to 90 lbs. or 2 x 45) - to work forward propulsion, absorption, and rebound.

-Dumbbell reverse lunges (up to 50 lbs. or 2 x 25) - to work backward propulsion, absorption, and rebound (you have to be really careful with these because it would probably be really easy to injure your ACL. Best to go very light and only after warmed up).

-Dumbbell side steps (up to 70 lbs. or 2 x 35) - for lateral propulsion, absorption, and rebound.

-Single leg extensions (up to 90 lbs.)

-Single leg curls (up to 45 lbs.)

Then I do some abs, and in the end go to the aerobics room and quickly practice front and back boleos, ganchos, and do single leg balance exercises. I've been doing this for a few months and so far it does seem to help. Of course, if I find any different I'll post about it.

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