25 nov 2007

Quick recap of the weekend: Friday night, private with Homer. He was generous with his time, patient in his manner, and judicious and diplomatic about the concepts we worked on. As I expected, I got a lot of fresh insights and will try to find a way to reconcile the ideas into my dance.

Saturday night, All-nighter at The Beat. Good energy for the night, lots of out of towners. Generally leader-heavy. Had some really nice dances but managed to bump and get bumped, par for the course between midnight and 3 AM. Made some terrible coffee due to the fact that someone lost the instruction manual for the urn and I had to guess the amount of coffee to use. Later found I used a full cup less than I should have. In the end it seemed as if everybody left at once, all around 4, which seemed a shade early.

Sunday afternoon, práctica at Allegro. Decent practice although a bit low energy due to the previous evening and residual turkey loginess. Tried to incorporate some of the ideas from the private but want to ease into it as not to overwhelm myself or partners.

Thus ends the long weekend. Think I'll take a nice hot bath.

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