3 feb 2008

Late Shift last night. Had the will to go but apparently not the spirit. Made it a point to get out on the floor to hang out with people I like but ended up dancing like a zombie. Couldn't connect with my partners and didn't recognize a lot of the music which I usually know, and subsequently couldn't connect with it either. Also felt unsteady on my feet and tended to tip over on turns. Overall a lack of focus and energy. When I dance like this I feel I'm cheating my partners. Been so tired lately. Hadn't danced since Monday so I guess I felt duty bound. I know that's not the best way to go about it but I fall in to that trap now and then. I suppose I'm so tied in to the idea of approaching the "art" of tango with a sense of discipline that I lose the spirit of freedom that I should have. Don't know if that means I should go out more, or less. Or if I should take it more seriously, or less. At the end of the milonga I spoke with some friends about it and we all just kind of shrugged and chalked it up to being one of those nights we all know so well.

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