16 jun 2008

Sebastián Achaval and Roxana Suarez are among my favorite dancers of the younger generation. They tend to keep things relatively simple and don't really break much new ground, but there is clearly a lot of focus on quality of movement that I admire. There is always such fluidity in the way they dance. Sebastián kind of reminds me of Finito in this regard. Those who know my dance can probably see how they have inspired me. I think that most people tend to be more interested in exploring the different types of movements that are possible, and while I also enjoy studying and watching that emphasis, I find that at this point it's hard to get surprised or enchanted by watching anything new or supposedly new. (Chicho is one of the consistent exceptions). So when I see dancers who have clearly worked hard on squeezing out every detail of basic elements, making the simple things beautiful and making more complex things seem simple and combining it all into an expression of connection and emotion unfettered by technical obstacles, that I find refreshing, and something that speaks to me.

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Frances R said...

The quality of their movement is mesmerizing.