4 mayo 2008

Have been feeling a bit out of sorts lately, a kind of mild occasional vertigo that happens for no discernible reason. Apparently, I'm not alone in this as other people I've talked to have mentioned the same thing. It is clear there is only one possible explanation.

The earth is wobbling on its axis.

Of course, the collective governments of the world along with the elite scientific community have been very hushed about this as not to create a global panic, but we dancers can feel it under our feet. When we do a giro and feel ourselves tilting, or when we try to hold steady during a parada/pasada and feel our planted leg undulating underneath us to keep us upright. It must be the tectonic plates far below the hardwood floors of the milongas shifting in their continuing currents away from Pangaea, haphazardly churning into disarray due to the unsteady spin of the planet, which is swaying and shuddering like a decelerating top.

Are we doomed?

Perhaps the earth just needs a little adjustment. First off, we need to remind her to keep her core solid but flexible and clearly dissociate the energy--feel the energy projecting upward through her spine and out the top of her head, and down from her lower lumbar through her legs and into the ground. Keep her chin and shoulders down, chest and neck up, ribs and pelvis tucked in. Have a little flexion in her legs for stability and agility, and spread her weight evenly across her feet or perhaps skewing a bit towards the front. And remind her to always take care of her own axis; she can't depend on the sun to always do it for her (maybe sometimes his lead is going to be bad and in those cases she doesn't want to sacrifice herself).

Then again, maybe there's just a bug going around, or the weather that's making us all wonky. Or that I've been drinking too much coffee and/or maté lately.


tangobaby said...

Now THAT is an original post!

I wish the governments of the world were smart enough to keep such a monumental secret as that, but I have my reservations.

In cases such as these, I bet just a lovely walk and an occasional ocho will probably make you and your partner feel just fine until you are able to tackle something that you need better balance for.

Maybe you have water in your ear? Hope your axis (or the world's) sorts itself out soon!

Malevito said...

Hi TB, how are you?

You know, thing is that I mostly tend to get the vertigo when I'm *not* dancing, which is what led to my ruminations. And the part about talking to others and hearing the same thing is true, and it wasn't that I prompted the question but they would just tell me about how they were feeling dizzy lately. At any rate, I'm not really worried about it. Unless, of course, it really is the planet toppling over. If I suddenly vanish without a trace you'll know I was on to something the general population wasn't supposed to know ;P

Wishing comfort for you and your grampa...